Wilderness Studies

The Wilderness Studies emphasis within the Resource Conservation major provides students an opportunity to combine coursework in the Wilderness and Civilization program with emphases in conservation policy and planning, environment and society, and community conservation, among others. Students in this track must complete Wilderness and Civilization, a field and campus program that explores wildland conservation from a variety of disciplines and perspectives (for more information visit the Wilderness & Civilization website).  Students in the wilderness studies emphasis gain an understanding of protected area conservation as well as conservation across ownerships. Coursework examines conservation issues from scientific, literary, artistic, ethical, and Native American perspectives. Students learn about a variety of conservation strategies, with coursework in environmental policy, community collaboration, and ecology. The experiential components of the Wilderness and Civilization program – internships, community projects, and field trips – complement interdisciplinary campus-based coursework.  Coursework in the wilderness studies emphasis prepares students for work with public land management agencies, community groups, outdoor education centers, conservation organizations, local government, and much more. Alumni also pursue graduate studies in the natural and social sciences, or attend law school.

Required Core Curriculum

In addition to specialized courses in the Wilderness Studies track, all students must complete the required core curriculum. 

Degree Requirements

Suggested Courses for the Wilderness Studies Track

Students in the Wilderness Studies track participate in the Wilderness and Civilization Program.  Wilderness and Civilization Program courses are listed below.  

Wilderness & Civilization Program Courses PREREQUISITES CREDITS
NRSM 373 - Wilderness & Civilization 3
LIT 280L - Ecology & Literature/Honors 3
NASX 303EX - Ecological Perspectives of Native Americans 3
NRSM 271N - Conservation Ecology/Honors 3
NRSM 370S - Wildland Conservation Policy & Governance 3
NRSM 273 - Wilderness & Civilization Field Studies I 2
MUSI 304A - Sound in the Natural World (even years)
-or -
ART 324A - Environmental Drawing Seminar (odd years)

NRSM 273 - Wilderness & Civilization Field Studies II 1
NRSM 398 - Wildlands Community Project (internship) 2
NRSM 371 - Wilderness Issues Lecture Series 1