Ecological Restoration

Learn the science and practice of repairing degraded ecosystems

Earn a B.S. or minor in Ecological Restoration and learn the scientific theories and management practices for repairing degraded forests, grasslands, rivers, and wetlands.

Learning within the ecological restoration program occurs in and outside of the classroom, with substantial emphasis on hands-on, field-based learning. You will have opportunities to conduct independent research and to plan and implement restoration projects with natural resource professionals.

The program fosters connections among students, faculty, and professionals – you’ll be part of a restoration community on and off campus and will graduate with the experience and professional network needed to launch your career. You will leave the program qualified for restoration jobs as a botanist, ecologist, forester, hydrologist, or soil conservationist, and for graduate school in the biological sciences.

Join the Ecological Restoration program so you can work at the interface between science and people, and restore lands to meet the needs of humans and the ecosystems they inhabit.


Watch this news story on restoration students partnering with Five Valleys Land Trust and Missoula College students to restore the Rock Creek confluence

Grants and awards received by ecological restoration students in 2015:

  • Montana Native Plant Society Small Grant $1,145 to Christine McManamen
  • Missoula County Weed District Student Research Grant $2,500 to Christine McManamen
  • Society for Ecological Restoration Northwest Student Grant $950 to Christine McManamen
  • Society for Ecological Restoration Northwest Student Grant to Jesse Bunker
  • American Society for Mining and Reclamation $1,000 to Christine McManamen
  • Irene Evers' Competitive Undergraduate Research Scholarship to Jesse Bunker

Featured Content

The University of Montana's student chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration is a great way to connect with fellow restoration students to work on service projects and build your professional network.

Recent graduate Mark Mariano helped with restoration research of the Milltown Dam, led a practicum project to restore a creek with Trout Unlimited. All students in the restoration program work on a hands-on project like this.

Recent graduate Patrica McIlvenna returned home to Hawaii after receiving her B.S. in Ecological Restoration. She's now a master's candidate at the University of Wyoming and was just elected as the student representative to the international board of the Society for Ecological Restoration.