Students can choose to do an internship with a local organization. 

For her internship with the Clark Fork Coalition, Katie Jacquet monitored several stream restoration project sites in the upper Clark Fork River basin where the Clark Fork Coalition is actively working on aquatic restoration. Many of the projects intend to rewater, reconnect, and restore tributary habitat as a complement to the large-scale remediation and restoration work on the main stem Upper Clark Fork River. The types of monitoring activities included collecting data on fish habitat conditions, geomorphic information (including substrate samples, stream profile, & cross-sections), vegetation composition, flow, and water temperature. In addition, Katie performed repeated snorkel surveys at these sites from mid-May through July to examine the fish species composition and relative abundance. The information was compiled and analyzed in a written report where she reviewed the current state of these streams, how this fits into expectations from current peer-reviewed literature, and made recommendations for future monitoring to detect trends.

Katie Jacquet

Katie Jacquet snorkeling in the upper reaches of the Clark Fork River basin to study fish species composition and relative abundance.
Clark Fork River basin Fish in the streams of the upper Clark Fork.