Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Project

Lead PI:

Kathy Lynn, Tribal Climate Change Project Coordinator, University of Oregon

Project description:

The Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Project is a collaboration between the USDA Forest Service PNW Research Station and the University of Oregon’s Environmental Studies Program. The project focuses on understanding needs and opportunities for tribes in addressing climate change, examining the government-to-government relationship in a climate context, and exploring the role of traditional knowledge in climate change initiatives. Ongoing research efforts are related to examining the implications of climate change for the composition and distribution of culturally important species and the role of federal-tribal relationships in addressing climate impacts. The project also includes ongoing facilitation of the Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Network. Inaugurated in 2009, the Network fosters communication between tribes, agencies, and other entities about climate change policies, programs, and research needs pertaining to tribes and climate change. A recent area of focus is in exploring strategies for tribal engagement in Climate Science Centers and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.  Tribal Climate Change Project