Danielle Fagre

Photo of Fagre, Danielle

Danielle Fagre

M.S. student, Wildlife Biology

Personal Summary

I received my B.A. in Biology from Lewis&Clark College in Portland, OR. Since graduating I have pursued wildlife biology positions in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, mostly based out of Grand Teton National Park. I grew up in Montana, and am excited to be living here again. In my free time I enjoy playing piano, hiking, and going on road trips.

Research Interests

I began my Master's program in the fall of 2015, and my research takes place on the National Bison Range. The NBR manages a herd of about 350 bison on almost 19,000 acres of grassland, and is also a federally-designated refuge for native birds. I will assist the NBR in developing a long-term avian monitoring program, with an emphasis on grassland birds. I will also pursue research questions of my own, and will investigate the relationship between bison grazing intensity and grassland songbird abundance.