Andrew Boyce

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Andrew Boyce

PhD candidate, Fish & Wildlife Biology


Personal Summary

I'm currently a PhD student in Tom Martin's lab at the University of Montana. I'm interested in exploring how physiology and competition act to constrain species ranges, shape communities and shape species life-history strategies. My current study system is the avian community at Kinabalu Park in Sabah, Malaysia. Kinabalu provides an opportunity to work on an amazing avian assemblage across an extensive elevational gradient from 500m to 4,100m. This has introduced a strong elevational component to my research and I am excited to continue exploring interesting ecological and physiological questions in this system and others. 

I’m in the midst of my final field season in Borneo and will be returning to Montana in June. I plan to defend my dissertation in May 2017.

Please see my personal website for more details on my past, current and future work.