Winter Wilderness Field Studies

Winter Wilderness Field Studies, PTRM 418, 3 credits

Winter Wilderness Field Course with the Wilderness Institute

This ten-day intensive program explores natural resource management and outdoor leadership in the mountains and rural landscapes of Western Montana. The course focuses on wilderness management using the wilderness as a classroom and case study. We study community-based stewardship, winter ecology, fundamentals of snow and avalanche science and mountain meteorology, outdoor leadership, group decision-making, risk assessment, and local history. Activities include classroom and field lectures, discussion, visits with local residents and tribal members, recreation use monitoring and data collection, basic winter wilderness skills and emergency care, a ski or snowshoe day trip and backcountry winter camping.

Offered JANUARY, Winter Session 2019

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To learn more, or to sign up, contact:
Dr. Natalie Dawson
(406) 243-6956
Joanna Campbell
(406) 243-6916

Course costs: UM tuition/fees plus $200 for housing. If registered for 12 or more Spring credits, there is no additional tuition cost for this course.

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