Wilderness Management Distance Education Program

The Wilderness Management Distance Education Program (WMDEP) offers accredited university courses for a comprehensive study of wilderness management. WMDEP is a valuable tool for understanding the wilderness resource and the issues surrounding its management-includes topics form philosophy and ecology to recreation and planning. 

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NRSM 405/561
Registration Deadline: September 23
Course Dates: October 3, 2016–January 20, 2017

Course credit offered through The University of Montana, Missoula, MT

Wilderness Institute Staff Contact: william.fabro@umontana.edu


NRSM 405 and NRSM 561 study ecosystem characteristics and basic principles of wilderness management. Separate chapters discuss management of specific wilderness resources such as fire, wildlife, cultural and historical sites, etc.; and, managing non-conforming uses such as grazing, mining, and motorized vehicles and equipment and mechanical transport. The course discusses the use of primitive means to achieve management objectives, use of the minimum tool, and Leave No Trace camping methods

The course is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of students from wilderness professionals, outdoor recreational planners and educators, to members of conservation groups and interested citizens. It is the first of four courses leading to a graduate certificate in Wilderness Management. Course credit offered through The University of Montana, Missoula.