Wilderness Management Distance Education Program

The Wilderness Management Distance Education Program (WMDEP) offers accredited university courses for a comprehensive study of wilderness management. WMDEP is a valuable tool for understanding the wilderness resource and the issues surrounding its management-includes topics form philosophy and ecology to recreation and planning. 

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PTRM 407/562, Managing the Wilderness Resource

Registration Deadline:  January 23, 2019  Course Dates: January 28, 2019 - May 17, 2019

Course credit offered through The University of Montana, Missoula, MT

Wilderness Institute Staff Contact: kari.gunderson@umontana.edu


This course examines recreation management in a wilderness setting.  Students will examine and discuss wilderness management strategies to address visitor use, visitor experiences, measuring and monitoring biophysical and social impacts, communicating effective wilderness education, interpretation, information, and conceptual approaches to communication, search and rescue protocol, and law enforcement. 


Managing Recreation Resources deals with the human dimension of wilderness by focusing on managing wilderness for visitor use and enjoyment, and by representing ways to solve problems associated with visitors expectations and their impacts. 


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