Worf Family Memorial Scholarship

The Worf Family Memorial Wilderness Scholarship provides an annual award to a student enrolled in the Wilderness and Civilization Program or majoring in Wilderness Stewardship (if that major is established).  The scholarship was initially established in 1996 by William A. and Eva Jean Worf in memory of their sons Gary and Keith.  Wilderness Watch and various others also contributed to this fund.  Gary and Keith died in separate accidents--Gary in 1980 and Keith in 1993.  "Both Gary and Keith held a deep respect for nature in general and wilderness in particular," according to their father.  Eva Jean, who passed away in 2005, shared this family passion for wilderness and in her memory the scholarship was renamed in 2007 as the Worf Family Memorial Wilderness Scholarship.  Bill Worf is a 1950 graduate of the UM School of Forestry and is one of three founders of Wilderness Watch, a national nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to preserving America's wilderness and wild and scenic rivers.

To apply, download this document: Worf Family Memorial Scholarship.