Matthew Hansen Endowment

Matthew Hansen

Matthew Hansen Endowment
Application Deadline April 1, 2019

The Matthew Hansen Endowment was established in 1984 as a memorial to Matthew and his ideals. The Endowment provides funding for historical research, creative writing, and wilderness studies projects that explore Montana's land and people. We hope, as Matthew did, that projects awarded under this fund will encourage mindful stewardship of the land, both wild and cultivated, and contribute to the preservation of Montana's cultural heritage. The Endowment encourages proposals from anyone interested in furthering this goal. 

Submission Guidelines: Please Read Carefully!

Projects must focus on historical research, creative writing, wilderness studies, or any combination thereof. The committee recommends projects that can be completed in one year. The committee will consider the originality, feasibility, and relevancy to Montana's natural and cultural heritage. Priority will be given to original projects, however, if you are applying as part of your graduate work, for example, your application will be considered if it is tailored specifically to the guidelines of this endowment.  Also note that a higher priority will be placed on a proposal that prioritizes costs that are directly tied to the project. Projects that include indirect expenses such as room, board, child care, etc., will still be considered if the explanation of costs is clearly specified. 

To be considered for funding, you must include a professional packet that contains the following:

1. A one-two page proposal describing the project, how your idea originated, what you hope to accomplish, how the project is related to Montana’s heritage, and whom your project will benefit.

2. A detailed budget and timeline and a brief personal resume that describes your qualifications.

3. A cover page that includes your name, contact information, project title, and the total budget amount requested.

4. Five copies of your entire proposal and five copies of a previous work example.

Proposals must be hand-delivered or postmarked by April 1, 2019 to:

Hand Delivered: The Matthew Hansen Endowment Committee, Joanna Campbell, Wilderness Institute (UH 308)

Mail: Wilderness Institute, The University of Montana, 32 Campus Drive, Missoula, Montana 59812

For more information contact Joanna Campbell, or (406) 243-6956

2015 Recipients 

Glacier National Park Study Trip for 3rd and 4th Graders -- Shelly Willmore, Roy, MT

Missoula Sound Map, Caitlin Piserchia, Missoula

Old Traditions and New Starts, Kristin King-Ries, Missoula

Wild Work: Stewards of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Cristina Bodznick, Hungry Horse

Publication of a high school GIS map book for natural areas in northwest Montana, Hans Bodenhamer and Louis Jessop, Bigfork

Funded Projects 1985-2015

To contribute funds to the Endowment please contact:

Montana Community Foundation
Matthew Hansen Endowment
P.O. Box 1145
Helena, MT 59624

406-443-8313; email: