UM Woodsman TeamThe University of Montana Woodsman Team is a proud group of hardworking timbersports competitors. For decades, teams have turned traditional logging procedures into competitions: who can climb that tree the fastest or who can chop that log in half first. UM's team is made up of students from all over the states, sometimes even the world. with a common interest in timbersports, whether it be in chainsaws and axes, traditional logging, adventure, history, or who just have an extremely competitive side.

Our team travels all over the West and compete in showsin Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, and Canada. Every year there is a weeklong show for all western colleges including states like California, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington; this year’s 2016 conclave is held in Missoula, Montana, at Fort Missoula April 27-30. Come watch and support all the folks who have put time, blood, sweat, and tears into training in this historical and challenging sport. Put on your flannels, bring your beards, and get covered with some timber glitter: it’s all about that axe!