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College of Forestry and Conservation
University of Idaho

Main Screen

Starting a new project

Before starting a new project using WTP, add the GIS data to the map document, and save the map document in your project folder. These GIS data consist of a Weed layer, Roads layer, Roads and Trails, Priority sites for treatment, Streams, Disturbances (optional), and Vegetation (as cover type relevant to invasive species susceptibility). See Appendix A for a data dictionary. There are minimum requirements for each layer and table.

Once the GIS data are added to the map document, start WTP by clicking the Weed Treatment Planner (WTP 1.0) button.

This starts the main menu which looks like this:

Main Screen

Screen Items

  • Enter Data: start the data entry process.
  • Load dataset: use when you are editing an existing project. The project should have previously been saved by selecting the save project data after saving the map document itself. You will be prompted to select a table from the map document with the information about the project you want to open. To load the tutorial dataset, select Project 1:

  • Save dataset: select when some project data have been entered, and after saving the map document to the same project folder.
  • Run No Action Scenario: projects the spread of weeds without treatment, over a 10-year prediction horizon. This generates a layer for each weed species.
  • Solve (optimize): runs the solver to generate the optimal five-year schedule of treatments, based on the budget constraints, weed species, site priorities, etc.
  • Close WTP: exit WTP