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College of Forestry and Conservation
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Roads / Trails

Select Application Methods that can be used from Roads and Trails

After Go> is clicked for the Road/Trails Layer (Select Layers screen) the following screen is displayed:


This screen is used to select the application methods that can be applied from either trails or roads, and specify the maximum distance from trails and roads that the selected methods can be applied. An application method and maximum distance is selected in the upper portion of the screen and the Add>> button appends those combinations to the table in the lower portion of the screen. The only application methods that should be included in this table are those that have a distance limitation that you want to include in the analysis.

Screen Items

  • Application Method: Select an application method that can be applied from either trails or roads. The selections on this screen should be limited to only those methods that can be applied from either trails or roads. There is another screen for application methods that are restricted to roads only (here). An application should NOT be selected both here and in the roads screen.
  • Maximum Distance from Trails and Roads (ft): Specify the maximum distance from trails or roads in feet that the selected method can be applied. The distance is applied from the center of the trail or road to each side. If there is no maximum distance for a specific application method, do not add that method to the table.