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Site Priority: Define Site Priorities


After Go> is clicked for Site Priority Layer (Select Layers screen), a dialog box is displayed for entering the name of the attribute field that stores the treatment sites to be prioritized:

Site Field Selection

After this field name is supplied, the following screen is displayed:

Define Sites Priority

The purpose of this screen is to prioritize treatment sites that are in the site priority layer, such as trailheads, trails, and road right-of-ways. Treatment sites are selected and priorities assigned on the upper portion of the screen and the Add>> button appends those specifications to the table in the lower portion of the screen.

Screen Items

  • Treatment Site: Select the treatment site to be ranked.
  • Rank (1-5): Specify a ranking from 1-5 for the treatment site selected, where 1 = the highest priority for treatment and 5 = the lowest priority for treatment. This is relative priority is used by the objective function to minimize the infested acres over time by invasive species priority and site priority.