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Weed: Treatments, Weeds, and Application Methods Data


After Go> is clicked for Weed Layer (Select Layers screen), a dialog box is displayed for entering the name of the field that stores the weed names in the Weed Layer:

After this name is supplied, the Weed: Treatments, Weeds, and Application Method Data form (shown below) is displayed. On this data entry form you will identify, for each invasive species, a chemical treatment to be analyzed, its application rate per acre, how much of which surfactant, and the cost per acre for the chemical (we will add the application method cost later). This form contains four tabs: Treatments data, Weed rank and spread rates, Application methods data, Treatment/Method.

Treatment / Method Tab

Treatment Method Tab

The infeasible combinations of treatments and application methods are identified in the upper portion of the screen and the Add>> button appends those infeasible combinations to the table in the lower portion of the screen. Combinations listed in the table are excluded from further analysis.

Screen Items

  • Select Treatment: Select a treatment that has application method restrictions.
  • Select Application Method: Select one or more application methods that cannot be used with the selected treatment. For example, there may be restrictions to applying certain treatment chemicals via helicopter. Multiple selections are made by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the desired items.