Chris Servheen

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Chris Servheen

Adjunct Research Associate Professor of Wildlife Conservation; Grizzly Bear Recovery Coodinator


Personal Summary

I have been the Grizzly Bear Recovery Coordinator for the USFWS for 28 years. As such, I am responsible for coordinating all the research and management on grizzly bears in the lower 48 states and working with biologists in Alberta and British Columbia. I was the EIS Team Leader for the Bitterroot Grizzly Bear Reintroduction EIS and was responsible for the final rule recovering and delisting of the Yellowstone grizzly population. My interests involve bear conservation and management and the relationships between human activities and bear distribution and survival. Much of my current work involves the impacts of highways and human developments on habitat fragmentation of bear populations in the Rocky Mountains. I lead projects involving the application of Global Positioning System (GPS) collars on grizzly bears and black bears to learn more about their detailed movements in relationship to human activity. I also work with state and federal highway departments in developing ways to get animals across highways.

I also work on international conservation issues. Each year I teach a class on international wildlife conservation. I have worked in many countries in Asia and in Europe on bears and bear conservation, and I was a Fulbright Scholar in Greece in 1994. I was the former co-chair of the IUCN/SSC Bear Specialist Group. I am particularly interested in the trade of bear parts for use in traditional medicine in Asia and the impact of this trade on Asian bear conservation. I am the co-chair of the Expert Team on Bear Trade for the IUCN/SSC Bear Specialist Group. Through my international work I maintain close cooperative relationships with IUCN, WWF, and other international conservation organizations.  


University of Montana, 1968-73; B.A./B.S., Zoology/Wildlife Biology
University of Washington, 1973-75; M.S., Wildlife Biology
University of Montana, 1978--81; Ph.D., Forestry/Wildlife Biology

Research Interests

Grizzly bear ecology, recovery, and conservation
Conservation of brown bears worldwide
Conservation and ecology of sun bears in Asia
Issues relating to trade in bears and bear parts for use in traditional medicine in Asia
Interested monitoring impacts of highways on wildlife and developing ways to get animals across highways