Department of Ecosystem & Conservation Sciences

The Department of Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences is a multidisciplinary department that provides students with instruction and expertise in a diverse array of ecological and biophysical sciences. Our department offers a rigorous, stimulating, and inspirational environment for undergraduate through doctoral students. Students in our programs will gain knowledge of ecosystem processes and ecological function in a biologically diverse and scenic setting. 

Department of Forest Management 

The Department of Forest Management provides students with the foundations and tools necessary for developing sustainable land management. While our home is in the diverse ecosystems of western Montana, our activities are global. Our educational and research programs produce graduates and knowledge essential for guiding conservation, management, and restoration activities that are consistent with social, economic, and biological realities.  

Department of Society & Conservation 

The Department of Society and Conservation provides education, research, and service in focusing on the human relationship with the environment, natural resource management, and sustainable conservation policy. Our faculty are social scientists trained in recreation and tourism management, environmental policy, and environmental sociology. Our research and teaching activities range from local to international.