Department of Forest Management

The Department of Forest Management provides the foundation and tools necessary for ecologically and socioeconomically sustainable management of forest landscapes. While our home is in the diverse ecosystems of western Montana, our activities are global. We foster an atmosphere conducive to interdisciplinary teaching, research, and service. Our educational program produces graduates with the knowledge and skills to manage the use, conservation and restoration of natural resources, while satisfying social, economic and ecological objectives. Our research and service programs develop innovative insights and applied techniques for management of mosaics of forest, grassland and riparian ecosystems in an ever-changing world. Research is integrated with the graduate and undergraduate curricula, and our graduate students are prepared to assume leadership positions in management, educational and research organizations.

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David AffleckDavid Affleck

Office: CHCB 430
Phone: 406-243-4186

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Marie Rothell in Yellowstone Park

Marie Rothell

Office: CHCB 401
Phone: 406-243-5529