Lubrecht Forest


Since 1937, the 28,000-acre Lubrecht Experimental Forest has been a place for UM research in forestry, resource management and ecosystem science. Students and faculty conduct cutting-edge experiments that generate knowledge for the public and for land managers. With private support, the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation will renew our committment to this mission with more collaborative and hands-on research opportunities.

Lubrecht will be a place for interdisciplinary work, as we engage faculty from all three college departments and across disciplines such as art, geology and biology in research, teaching and demonstration of state-of-the-art forest management and silviculture approaches. 

We want all of our students to be able to learn in and from this incredible outdoor classroom. With your support, we will reestablish the two-week summer field measurements camp that was a hallmark of a UM forestry education. A systems-based approach to sustainability science should be a core competency for all graduates of the college. Going forward, every FCFC student will once again learn and work in Lubrecht Forest. 

Investment from private donors will make this vision possible, creating and implementing a sustainable, holistic forest management plan for Lubrecht Forest.

Our Priorities

Capital Improvements 

The quality of research and student experiences depends on access to modern facilities. Funding will support infrastructure improvements and ongoing maintenance of Lubrecht Experimental Forest. Projects may include: Renovation of the historic headquarters at  the entrance of the forest, road and trail maintenance, and other expansion opportunities.

Faculty and Student Research Opportunities 

Undergraduate and graduate students in a wide variety of areas can use donor support to underwrite collaborative research projects within the forest.

Measurements Camp 

We will reestablish this hallmark of a forestry education at UM.

Impact Fund 

Unrestricted private support for forest operations allow us to be nimble and meet needs as they arise, including collaborative opportunities, outreach efforts and hands-on training for students. 

For more information, contact Ben Super, director of development, at  or (406) 243-5533.

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