Graduate Students

I typically only accept new graduate students when funding is available for a research project (a research or teaching assistantship). I also consider students who have their own funding, perhaps from the agency they work for or a fellowship. If you are interested in applying please send:

  1. A cover letter stating your interest in graduate school, why you are interested in the University of Montana and why you are interested in working in my lab
  2. A CV or resume
  3. Names and contact information for three references
  4. GRE scores (unofficial are okay)

Keep in mind that there is a huge pool of exceptional individuals that apply to me every year. However, I tend to only take on one to two students per year based on my current number. I prefer to keep the size of my lab to around handful of graduate students. I get 50 to 100 emails in my inbox every day with many prospective students contacting me, so making yourself stand out is important.

Thanks for your interest and best of luck!