New Student Opportunities

The Bolle Center's Policy Research Clinic

The Center’s Policy Research Clinic gives undergraduate, graduate, and law students the opportunity to work on Bolle Center research projects and initiatives for academic credit. The clinic will be offered for the first time fall semester 2015, for two credits, on a credit/no-credit basis (as NRSM 491 for undergraduates and NRSM 595 for graduate students). 

Selected students will gain valuable experience working on an applied research project focused on federal lands, wildlife, conservation, or natural resources policy. Projects are coordinated by the Director of the Bolle Center (Prof. Martin Nie) and completed by student research team(s). Projects are chosen on the basis of need, capacity, and external (client) requests (which are always welcome). 

The vision of the Clinic is to have students — with backgrounds in policy, science, and law — working together on projects that will make a difference in how we think about, approach and solve problems in conservation. 

The Fall 2016 Bolle Clinic focused on the “adequate regulatory mechanism” provision of the Endangered Species Act. Students in law and wildlife biology are investigating its application in various decisions by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list or not list a species pursuant to the ESA.  

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