Fieldtrip discussion with managers and researchersThe Rocky Mountains CESU brings together natural and cultural resource scientist. This partnership is a virtual network of scientists, educators, technology transfer specialists, and land managers. The CESU also links regional resources including libraries, experimental forests and ranches, science laboratories, field research facilities, and scientific equipment, making them accessible to all partners in the cooperative. If you would like information about how to make your institution a partner in the RM-CESU, please see How To or contact the RM-CESU Executive Coordinator.

Partner Institutions and Their Technical Representatives

University of Montana- Host

Alan Townsend
Dean, W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation
Lisa Gerloff
RM-CESU Executive Coordinator

Blackfeet Community College

Melissa Weatherwax
Director Office of Grants & Research

Boise State University

Bob Reinhardt
Assistant Professor, Public History, Environmental History, History of the American West, History of Public Health

Chief Dull Knife College

Bill Briggs
Dean of Academic Affairs

Colorado State University

Mark Paschke
Research Associate Dean, Warner College of Natural Resources

Front Range Community College

Jennifer Lee
Natural Resources Program Coordinator

Little Big Horn College

Franklin Cooper
Chief Information Officer

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Jason Janke
Associate Dean

Montana State University

Tracy Sterling
Professor and Department Head, Land Resources and Environmental Studies

Diane Debinski
Professor & Department Head, Ecology

Northwest College

Eric Atkinson
Assistant Professor of Biology

Salish Kootenai College

Janene Lichtenberg
Department Head, Wildlife and Fisheries
Adrian Leighton
Forestry Program

Steven M. Vamosi
Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Faculty of Science

University of Colorado Boulder

Tim Seastedt
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/Fellow, INSTAAR

University of Colorado Denver

Kat Vlahos
Professor, College of Architecture and Planning

Jody Beck
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Landscape Architecture

University of Denver

Robin M. Tinghitella
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

University of Idaho

Dennis Becker
Dean, College of Natural Resources

University of Northern Colorado

Chris Saxon
Director, Sponsored Programs

University of Utah

Kelly Bricker
Professor and Director, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Sustainable Tourism Management
Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation, College of Health

University of Waterloo

Brad Fedy
Associate Professor, Environment and Resource Studies

Heidi Swanson
Assistant Professor and University Research Chair, Biology

University of Wyoming

David Williams
Department Head, Department of Botany

Utah State University

Dan MacNulty
Associate Professor, Wildland Resources

Washington State University

Dan Thornton
Assistant Professor, School of the Environment

Western Colorado University

Melanie Armstrong
Assistant Professor, Environment and Sustainability

Center for Large Landscape Conservation

Annika Keely
Senior Conservation Scientist

Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Christopher Moore
Acting Executive Director

Cathy Campbell
Grants and Agreements

Wildlife Conservation Society

Jeff Burrell
Northern Rockies and Greater Yellowstone Program

The Ember Alliance

Meg Matonis
Wildland Fire Analyst

Smithsonian Institution

Scott Miller
Chief Scientist, Office of the Undersecretary for Science and Research

Wildlife Restoration Foundation

Jule Anton Randall

Partner Agencies and Their Technical Representatives

Bureau of Land Management

Michael Philbin
Branch Chief for Biological Resources and Science
BLM: Montana / Dakotas State Office

National Park Service

Brendan J. Moynahan
Research Coordinator and Science Advisor

College of Forestry and Conservation
University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812

US Geological Survey

Zack Bowen
Fort Collins Science Center

Claudia Regan
Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Sean Finn
Science Coordinator for Regions 5 & 7

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Rachel Novak
Climate Science Coordinator

USDA Forest Service


Bureau of Reclamation

Jason Gibbons
Environmental and Cultural Resources Group

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Jacqueline Davis-Slay
National Coordinator, Cooperative Ecosystems Study Units (CESU)

Ronald Harris
Grants Management Specialist

US Army Corps of Engineers - Civil Works

Sherry Whitaker
CESU Program Manager
US Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Department of Defense – Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Energy, Installations and Environment)

Jim Allen Regional Representative, Rocky Mountains

Ryan Orndorff
DoD Program Manager for CESU Network