RM-CESU Calendar of Events

September 9-12, 2019: 15th Biennial Conference of Science & Management on the Colorado Plateau & Southwest Region, Flagstaff, AZ. The Colorado Plateau, Desert Southwest and Rocky Mountains will be holding a Joint CESU Meeting, as well as individual business meetings on Monday, September 9th.  Stay tuned for more details.

November 14-15, 2018: RM-CESU Fall Meeting, Fort Collins, CO. Agenda; Notes, Handouts: Nov 14 Participant ListNov 15 Participant List; CESU 101; Dave Cooper PowerPoint; CLCC PowerPoint; 2019 Annual Work Plan

June 5-7, 2018: CESU Network National Meeting, National Conservation Training Centerr, Shepherdstown, WV. The 2018 CESU Network National Meeting brings together the CESU Network Council, the CESU Directors, and partners from across the nation. This year's sessions include discussions about increasing engagement with under-represented partners, cross-agency and international opportunities, outreach and communications, and data management; presentations about successful CESU projects conducted at multiple geographic scales; and meetings focused on programmatic needs and future strategic directions of the CESU Network. Visit the National Meeting page for details.

Partner Calendar of Events

September 13-14, 2019: Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation Annual Science and Management Meeting, Salish Kootenai College, Montana. This region-wide meeting brings together researchers, managers, students and enthusiasts of Whitebark Pine and related high-elevation forested ecosystems of the Northern Rocky Mountains in both the United States and Canada.  The program includes a day of science, management, and cultural presentations about Whitebark Pine and an additional day for a field trip visiting high elevation forests and Whitebark Pine on the lands of the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes. 

September 29-October 3, 2019: The 26th Wildlife Society Annual Conference, Reno, NV. The Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference is one of the largest gatherings of wildlife professionals, students and supporters in North America. For more than 20 years, TWS has hosted this unique and informative event that provides more than 900 educational opportunities and more than 40 networking opportunities through working groups, meetings and receptions.

October 23-26, 2019: The 2019 National Wilderness Workshop, Bend Oregon.  The conferences/workshops provide a great way for stewardship groups around the country to connect with each other and with key wilderness specialists in the federal land management agencies.

November 18-22, 2019: 8th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress, Tucson, AZ.  This conference hosted by the Association for Fire Ecology in cooperation with the Southwest Fire Science Consortium, will redefine the ecological concept of pyrodiversity to explore cross-cutting issues across a variety of disciplines.