Rocky Mountains CESU Seminar Series

The Rocky Mountains CESU Seminar Series will take place every spring semester.  Seminar presentations will highlight the region’s best scientific talent and scholarship to help manage our public resources across social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental arenas.

2022 Online Seminar Series: Celebrating the Scientific and Scholarship Contributions of the RM-CESU Student Award Recipients, 2007 to Present

Each year the Rocky Mountains Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (RM-CESU) recognizes the outstanding accomplishments by our students. Our RM-CESU Student Award recipients have contributed to wetland monitoring protocols, oral history at parks, grouse conservation, and citizen science.  Many of our recipients have gone on to careers in federal service and academia. In this series we will be recognizing the work of our recent 2021 awardees as well as hearing from past recipients on their current contributions to science and scholarship.



Past Seminars

2022 Seminar Recordings

January: It's not too late to tune into our first seminar of the series with 2021 Award Recipients; Scarlett Engle, Ph.D. Candidate-Anthropology, University of Colorado Boulder, Revitalizing the Exhibitions of Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum, and Jacob Oram, Ph.D. Student-Statistics, Montana State University, Ecological Statistics to Improve Whitebark Pine Monitoring in the Western U.S.

FebruaryView our 2nd seminar with 2017 RM-CESU Student Award Recipient, Jeremy Sueltenfuss. Jeremy is now an assistant professor at Colorado State University, where he and his graduate students seek to understand the impacts we humans have on the natural world and how best to manage and/or restore those systems.

MarchView our 3rd seminar with 2016 RM-CESU Student Award Recipient, Gregg Wann.  Greg is now a research ecologist with the USGS Fort Collins Science Center.  In this presentations Greg shares his research on conservation issues in the sagebrush and alpine biomes of western North America.

 AprilOur fourth and final seminar of the 2022 Series. 2012 RM-CESU Student Award recipient, Dr. Nichelle Frank, studies the effects of US environmental and historic preservation movements on the cultural landscapes in intermountain mining towns.