GIS & Cartography

We are an interdisciplinary teaching and research team focused on data-driven spatial analysis, modeling, and visualization for practical and sustainable solutions to societal and environmental challenges. We have been a regional leader in Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS&T) education for over forty years. Driven by a strong commitment to provide quality instruction, our diverse faculty and broad curriculum offer students with in-depth understanding of important GIS conceptual foundations and methodologies while preparing them for careers at the forefront of the geospatial technology revolution. Combined with other faculty research in mountain studies and planning, along with strong collaborations from Forestry and Conservation, Geoscience, Rural American Studies, Anthropology, Public and Community Health Science, Business and Economics, and regional GIS communities, students gain a broad range of skills and job experience.

Related Degree and Certificate

  • Certificate in GIS and Cartography
  • MS. in GIS and Cartography

Core Courses

  • GPHY 248: Intro to GIS and Cartography
  • GPHY 488: GIS Applications
  • GPHY 481: Advanced Cartography Design
  • GPHY 487: Raster GIS
  • GPHY 486: Transport, Planning, and GIS
  • GPHY 491: Python Programming for GIS
  • GPHY 587: Image Analysis & Modeling
  • GPHY 588: Spatial Analysis and Modeling
  • GPHY 580: Seminar in GIS and Cartography
  • GPHY 467: Planning Decision Support Systems
  • GPHY 468: Community and Regional Analysis
  • GPHY 564: Planning Design


  • GeoSpatial Lab
  • Cobel Lab