Apply for Certificate


Once GIS coursework is nearly completed, students must submit an Application for Certificate on or before the below dates. Note that the application needs to be filed the semester before you plan to graduate:

  • Spring completion - 1st Monday of October

  • Summer completion - 1st Monday of February

  • Autumn completion - 1st Monday of March

(Note: Late applications may result in a delay of graduation)

Required Forms

Download this Application for GIS Certificate and fill in all the required fields. Include all your previous GIS classes, and any courses you plan to take in the up-coming semester. Check that your courses add up to at least the 20 credits required and that you have achieved a minimum 3.0 GPA in the program. Once the application is complete, make an advising appointment with a GIS Faculty Coordinator to perform a degree check.

(Note: If future semester classes have to be changed after the application is filed, they must be reported on a Change of Application for Degree form available from GrizCentral)

Final Advising

The GIS advisor will go over your Application for Certificate to ensure it is complete. If the student has had previous advising, this should be a simple process. Problems arise when students have never been advised and are missing some requirement for the certificate. Please avoid this situation by meeting with a GIS Faculty Coordinator early in your program. The completed application will be signed, copied, and returned to the student.

Application Submission

To become a candidate for the GIS Certificate, the student must file the signed application form at the Registration Counter in GrizCentral. There is a $30 application fee charged at the counter. Please bring appropriate forms of payment. After an administrative review, you will be mailed your official University of Montana – Certificate of GIS Science and Technologies.