Required Courses

To earn a Certificate in GIS Sciences and Technologies, students must either be working towards or have completed an undergraduate degree. Students must also complete a minimum of 18 semester credit hours, including 9 to 10 core GIS course credits and 8 to 9 advanced GIS elective credits. Students must achieve at least an overall grade point average of 3.0 for courses within the program. The certificate will only be awarded upon the successful completion of all requirements and the attainment of an undergraduate degree.

Core GIS Courses

All students must choose three courses, one from each section

  1. FORS 250: Introduction to GIS for Forest Management (Fall/Spring, 3 credits, U) -OR- GPHY 284: Introduction to GIS and Cartography (Fall/Spring, 3 credits, U) 

  2. FORS 351: Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (Spring, 3 credits, U) -OR- GPHY 487/9: Remote Sensing and Raster GIS (Fall, 3 credits with 1 credit lab, UG) 

  3. FORS 350: Forestry Applications of GIS (Spring, 3 credits, U) -OR- GPHY 488: Applications of GIS (Spring, 3 credits, U). 

Advanced GIS Elective Courses 

Although elective courses are organized by topical specialty, no specialization is necessary. An introductory GIS course, such as FORS 250 or GPHY 284, is a prerequisite to the advanced GIS courses. Additional and experimental courses are offered intermittently; please see faculty or website for current semester offerings. 

Raster GIS, Remote Sensing, and Image Analysis

  • FORS 551: Digital Image Processing (Varies, 3 credits, G)

  • GPHY 587/9: Digital Image Analysis & Modeling (Odd Springs, 3 credits with 1 credit lab, G)

Vector GIS and Networks

  • GPHY 486/9: Transport, Planning, and GIS (Winter or Spring, 3 credits with 1 credit lab, UG)

  • GPHY 588/9: Vector GIS (Fall, 3 credits with 1 credit lab, G)

  • GPHY 580: Seminar in GIS and Cartography (Spring, 3 credits with 1 credit lab, G)

Data Management and Programming

  • CSCI 250: Computer Modeling for Science Majors (Fall, 3 credits, UG)

  • GPHY 468/9: Community & Regional Analysis (Fall, 3 credits with 1 credit lab, UG)

  • GPHY 491/89: Programming for GIS (Spring, 3 credits with 1 credit lab, UG)

  • FORS 505: Sampling Methods (Spring, 3 credits, UG)

Applied GIS

  • GPHY 385: Field Techniques (Fall and some Spring, 3 credits, U)

  • GPHY 481: Advanced Cartographic Design (Fall, 3 credits, UG)

  • GPHY 482/9: Spatial Analysis and GIS (Varies, 3 credits with 1 credit lab, UG)

  • FORS 503: Predictive Distribution Modeling (Odd Spring, 3 credits, G)

  • WBIO 562: Wildlife Habitat Modeling (Odd Fall, 3 credits, G)

  • GPHY 564: Planning Design (Even Spring, 3 credits, G)

Note: University of Montana policy states that courses designated with G can only be taken by graduate students. They can also be taken by undergraduate students who have senior standing, an accumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and with consent of the instructor. U courses are for undergraduate credit. UG courses will have additional coursework for graduate students.