M.S. Forestry

Master's degree in Forestry

Choose the M.S. in Forestry if you are interested in studying topics like forest ecology, biometrics, ecological modeling, forest management and operations, ecological restoration, or watershed management. As with all three of our master's degrees, you must be accepted to study with a faculty advisor before you can be admitted to our graduate programs. That faculty member will help you choose a plan of study to get the degree that fits you.

Featured Content

Jena Ferrarese earned an M.S. in Forestry for her work on crown structures of three Interior Northwest Conifer species. She used terrestrial laser scanning to predict the spatial distribution of biomass with tree crowns.

Molly Barth is from San Francisco and came to UM with a bachelor's degree in forest resources. She's studying changes in forest spatial structure in Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forests since the onset of fire suppression.

Many forestry graduate students conduct research at Lubrecht Experimental Forest, just 30 minutes from campus. Students are studying water hydrology, fire, and forest ecology, including work on long-term fire and fire surrogate study plots.