PhD Forest & Conservation Sciences

PhD Forest & Conservation Sciences

Our doctoral program offers you the opportunity to conduct rigorous, meaningful research on a broad range of forest and conservation sciences topics. You'll complete a dissertation based on original and creative work. You'll investigate and analyze a range of scientific, technical or managerial subjects. You must be accepted as a student by a College of Forestry and Conservation faculty member in order to apply for admission to our PhD program.  Wildlife Biology is offered as separate doctoral degree program. 

Featured Content

PhD student Ryan Bracewell recently received a $77,000 grant from the USDA to conduct cutting-edge DNA analysis on western pine beetles to better understand them and the fungus they eat. 

Megan Nasto is working on a PhD project with professor Cory Cleveland looking at how symbiotic nitrogen fixation enhances soil phosphorous acquisition strategies in tropical forests. 

PhD student Laura Becerra is looking at interactions between tourism, economic development, and conservation in Zambia. She received a scholarship from the college in 2013 to fund her work.