Primary emphasis in the Ph.D. program is on professional development, stimulation of intellectual curiosity, and competency in science, rather than on a specified set of courses. However, a general set of coursework requirements must be completed successfully:

  • The student must obtain a minimum of 60 credits beyond the bachelor’s degree. A dissertation committee may require more depending on the student’s background for the proposed research program.
  • Of the 60 credits, a minimum of 40 must be in coursework exclusive of thesis, research, or independent study courses (FOR, RECM, WBIO 596) and of those, at least half should be at the 500\level or above; the remaining credits must come from at least 400\level (UG) courses. Special approval must be received from the Graduate School upon recommendation of the graduate student's program if a student wishes to count more than six (6) credits of 300 UG (Undergraduate/Graduate) courses toward their graduate degree. Courses below the 200\level do not count towards the Ph.D. course requirements.
  • At least 30 semester graduate credits must be taken at The University of Montana.
  • Up to 30 semester masters degree credits, 10 of which may be for thesis, research, or independent study courses, may be applied to the 60\credit requirement. On the recommendation of the department and approval of the Graduate Dean, credits may be transferred (including an entire Master's Degree and/or credits from a Master's Degree program) from other institutions after one semester in residence.
  • Enroll in at least one\credit of graduate seminar per semester (See Section 7). 

Note: The College of Forestry and Conservation has no foreign language requirement.

* Please review the Graduate Handbook for more information on student supervision and degree requirements.