2006 Wildlife Workshop

Building Connections Between Wildlife Populations and People: The Application of Wildlife Linkage Across the Northern Rockies Landscape

A workshop on application and future direction
April 13-14, 2006 | Missoula, MT

Speakers & Presentations

  • Basting, Pat: How MDT is promoting human safety and wildlife highway crossings
  • Becker, Dale: The application of wildlife linkage on Hwy. 93
  • Berkey, Jim: The involvement of land conservation organizations
  • Burnim, Joshua: Wildlife linkage across private and public lands and highways on Bozeman Pass
  • Clough, Rich: Private lands taskforce update and the application of linkage on private lands
  • Corday, Jackie & Linda Dworak: Bitterroot Wildlife and Wetlands Focus Group
  • Cramer, Tim: Idaho ITD linkage mapping and transportation planning
  • Danesh, Eleanor & Jeannie Siegler: Ninemile Wildlife Movement Areas Work Group
  • Dinning, Dan: The view of county governments - Boundary County, Idaho
  • Dohmen, Alan: Wildlife linkage in forest plan revisions
  • Duke, Danah: Wildlife mortality analysis of Highway 3 in Alberta
  • Frazier, Loran: Citizen effectiveness working with MDT and other agencies
  • Graves, Tabitha: Identifying corridors and linkage zones based on real-world data
  • Haber, Jon: Coordinating federal land planning and local planning to conserve habitat connectivity
  • Henderson, Bob: The importance of maintaining movement opportunities for big game
  • Hilty, Jodi: Temporal and spatial scales of wildlife linkage
  • Horwich, John: Integrating county planning and transportation planning
  • Just, Kim: Considerations of wildlife crossings from a transportation perspective
  • Lee, Tracy: Crow's Nest Pass local citizen involvement - "Road Watch"
  • Loge, Denley: The view of private landowners
  • O'Herren, Pat: The view of county governments - Missoula County, Montana
  • Parker, Melanie: Private lands - what works and what doesn't
  • Proctor, Michael:
    • The ecological importance of landscape connectivity
    • A DNA-based approach to identify grizzly bear linkage
  • Ruediger, Bill: The importance of linkage to the public and agencies
  • Servheen, Chris:
    • Introduction to the workshop - The concept of linkage
    • Highways taskforce update
    • Measuring success in wildlife linkage: biological, economic, public safety, etc.
  • Sheldon, Daly: Pronghorn movement and distribution patterns of pronghorn in relation to roads and fences in Wyoming
  • Summerfield, Bob: A protocol for addressing linkage on public lands
  • Wall, Ken: Interactive GIS tools to identify wildlife and highway linkage areas
  • Waller, John: Highway 2 and grizzly bears
  • Waller, John and Kerry Gunther: The NPS approach to wildlife linkage
  • Wolfe, Gary: Building better partnerships with private landowners and counties