2007 Private Land & Wildlife Linkage Workshop

Private Land Development, Wildlife Movement Across the Landscape, and the Character of Rural Landscapes in the Northern Rockies

A workshop to consider cooperative solutions
May 15, 2007 | Missoula, MT

Speakers & Presentations

  • Boyer, Jennifer: Madison Growth solutions and the Madison Valley Ranchlands Group - a balanced, collaborative approach for engaging the community in growth management
  • Davis, Tim: Is there such a thing as "smart growth"? Ideas on how to balance the needs of communities, wildlife and natural resources
  • Evans, Barbara: Welcome to Missoula County - why this workshop is important to the people and wildlife of Montana
  • Goetz, Hank and Greg Neudecker: The Blackfoot Challenge approach to maintaining a healthy watershed
  • Gude, Patty: Expected projections of private land development across the northern Rockies
  • Miller, SuzAnne and Cindy Swanson: The Montana Challenge: remaining the last best place for fish and wildlife in a changing West
  • O'Herren, Pat and Vickie Edwards: Planning growth - the role of county governments in managing land development in Missoula County, Montana
  • Rasmussen, Robert: The role of land conservation organizations in balancing wildlife needs and private lands development: the Trust for Public Lands as an example
  • Servheen, Chris: The impacts of private land and highway development on wildlife - where is this going?
  • Smith, Chris and Jack Troyer: Welcome and introduction to the workshop - why are we here?
  • Sorenson, Jerry: The role of corporate landowners in managing private land development
  • Stark, Carole: Alberta ranchland conservation: a values based planning approach