Completed Projects

INGY Accomplishments 1984-present

1.  Development of a set of multi-point taper equations for five major species (Douglas-fir, western larch, grand fir/white fir, ponderosa pne and lodgepole pine), and five minor species (western redcedar, western hemlock/mountain hemlock, white pine, Engelmann spruce, and subalpine fir) across a geographic area that includes eastern Oregon, eastern Washington,  Idaho, and western Montana.

2.  Development of a Ground Surface Vegetation (GSV v. 1.0) model based on photosynthesis, transpiration, respiration and carbon allocation using standard inventory inputs.

3.  Construction of PROGNOSIS/FVS yield tables for plantations and naturally regenerated stands in the Inland Northwest arrayed by site index and age.

4.  Analyses of Stand Projection System (SPS) residuals for the purpose of detecting model bias.

5.  Construction of SPS yield tables.

6.  Testing the performance of PROGNOSIS v. 5.0 on Schmidt's western larch spacing data.

7.  Calibration of PROGNOSIS/FVS to compensate for climatic error component.

8.  Evaluation of Monserud's Douglas-fir site index and height growth curves in western Montana.

9.  Examination of ponderosa pine productivity differences due to site and density effects of ideal stands.

10. Exploration of the effect of selected soil characteristics on Douglas-fir site index.

11. Verification of Monserud's Douglas-fir site index equations for other geographic areas of the Intermountain West.

12. Compilation of historical ponderosa pine plantation yield data from National Forests in western Montana.  

13. Development of regional variants of the Stand Prognosis (FVS) model.

14. Recommended standards for reporting residual analysis results.

15. Cataloged selected growth and yield data sets and developed an operational Cooperative growth and yield database.

16. Prediction of Douglas-fir site index from soil characteristics.  

17. Development of a database for model testing and improvement from the Intermountain Forest Tree Nutrition Coop plot installations.  

18. Evaluation of the effects of site, density and their interaction on tree and stand productivity of ponderosa pine.

19. Remeasurement of selected Lubrecht/Sanders County permanent inventory plots.

20. Analysis of SPS performance for residual stands.

21. Residual analysis of PROGNOSIS/FVS and SPS projections using Intermountain Forest Tree Nutrition Cooperative plots.

22. Comparisons of SPS and PROGNOSIS/FVS growth projections in thinned stands.