Lab Policies


Do not install ANY software on the computers. If you need a specific software package installed, please contact and request that the software be installed.

Be Considerate

If others are waiting to use the computers for course work please be considerate and email your friends at another time. There are several other labs on campus where you may do protracted emailing. We realize that email can be part of your work, but you wouldn't spend an hour on the phone in this lab, so why is it any more appropriate to spend an hour emailing friends?

This lab was created for class work, and for research. The presence of friends, pets, visitors or bikes interferes with other students' rights to get their work done.

Be considerate and respectful to the lab monitors.

Food and Beverages

No food. Beverages with screw-top lids only. If it spills, clean it up. You wouldn't want a sticky keyboard, so why force the next user to endure one?

Inappropriate Use

Class relevant web surfing only. No sex web sites. No chat, chatrooms, IRC, MUD, MUSH, or similar. This line speaks for itself. While constitutionally legal, these activities are not sanctioned uses of this lab.

No games. If it is not schoolwork, then it is not to be done here.

No software piracy.