Student Printing in CFC Labs

The University uses a printing system called PaperCut.  

  • You will need to deposit money in your UMoney account in order to print to the lab printers.
  • You can use your Umoney to print in other labs on campus as well

How to I add money to my Umoney account for printing?

About UMoney

How to deposit money into your UMoney account

How to I print and how mucn does it cost?

When you login to a computer in the lab you will see a papercut window open.  It will show your UMoney balance and a link to allow you to deposit money online.

To print, just choose print from your application.  The computer lab should have the lab printer set as the default printer.  All the printer will defaut to 2-sided black and white printing.  You can change these settings each time you print in the print menu.

Black and White prints:  $.15/page
Color prints: $1.00/page

What Printers are Available

  • SH106-C
  • SH107-C 
  • SH219-C  (Both SH219 and SH219 can print to this printer. It is located in SH219