Make a Reservation

If this is your first time using the lightboard room, please email to shedule a time to meet for a walk-through.  There are important details that we will want to go over BEFORE you use the room.

Please make sure you leave time for others to use use the room as well.

How to view availabilty using Outlook:

  • Go to Calendars in Outlook and choose “Open Calendar”
  • Choose “From Room List”
  • Choose “CFC-CHCB444”
  • You can now view the calendar to see available times

How to reserve a time to use the room:

  • Go to “YOUR” Outlook calendar and create a “New Meeting”
  • Click on the “rooms” button or click on the “Location” button at the very right (depending on Outlook version)
  • Search for CFC-CHCB444 and Add the room – It will appear in the To: field
  • Add a Subject and time
  • Send the meeting invite
  • It will be automatically accepted if it is available and declined if it is already scheduled.