New paper by Professor Belsky and grad student examines Montana private-public partnership

Professor Jill Belsky is co-editor of a special edition of the journal Human Ecology on constitutionality -- an approach to understanding how people craft their own institutions for managing natural resources, even amidst politically challenging conditions. She and M.S. student Alex Barton co-authored a paper in the issue "Constitutionality in Montana: A Decade of Institution Building in the Blacfoot Community Conservation Area." 

They examine the local public-private partnership known as the Blackfoot Community Project in western Montana (U.S.A.) and its efforts to forstall increasing social and ecological fragmentation by purchasing and conveying thousands of acres of divested corporate timberlands into various conservation ownerships including a locally-owned community conservation area. Based on a decade of participatory research, they examine the creation and operation of the Blackfoot Community Conservation Area (BCCA)’s key governance institution, the BCCA Council, and its efforts to develop locally supported and effective procedures for two of its most contentious issues: motorized recreation and grazing.