Systems Ecology/DECS Seminar Series - Spring 2017

BIOS 595 | Thursdays 3:30-4:20 p.m. | Forestry 305 (unless otherwise noted)






Jan 26

Thomas Buchholz

Senior scientist, Spatial Informatics Group, Pleasanton, CA

Fuel treatments in California: Quantifying avoided emissions from significant wildfires

Diana Six

Feb 2

Kim Taylor

Postdoctoral researcher, Depts. Forest Management and Ecosystem & Conservation Sciences, UM

Drivers, impacts, and feedbacks of global Pinus contorta (lodgepole pine) invasions

Phil Higuera

Feb 9

Julia Haggerty*

Professor, Dept. Earth Sciences, MSU

Community and resilience assessment: Perspectives from the West’s energy boomtowns

SE/DECS students

Feb 16


Monica Turner*

Odum Professor, Dept. Zoology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Natural disturbances and forest resilience: Lessons from Yellowstone

SE/DECS students

Feb 23

Sarah Halvorson

Professor, Dept. Geography, UM

Scalar Re-connect: Water governance in the Transboundary Flathead

Diana Six

Mar 2

Joe Giersch

Researcher, USGS, Glacier National Park

Alpine stream biodiversity and the Endangered Species Act: glacial stoneflies as sentinels of climate change in Glacier National Park

Diana Six

Mar 9

Robert Pal

Assistant professor, Dept. Biological Sciences, Montana Tech

Challenges in ecological restoration after traditional reclamation in Butte, Montana

Diana Six/Cara Nelson

Mar 16

Sarah Jane Keller*

DAH 316

Freelance science journalist, Bozeman, MT

Science journalism: A look inside the symbiotic relationship between reporters and researchers

Journalism Story Lab/ SE/DECS students

Mar 23

Spring Break

No seminar

Mar 30

Fiona Soper

Postdoctoral researcher, Dept. Ecosystem & Conservation Sciences, UM

Linking pattern and process: Nitrogen dynamics in a lowland tropical forest

Cory Cleveland

Apr 6

Charles Hall*

Professor emeritus, Dept. Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY, Syracuse

Energy returns on investment: A unifying principle for biology, economics, and sustainability

SE/DECS students

Apr 13

Park Williams*

Lamont assistant research professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

The impact of human-caused warming on drought and forest fire in the western United States

SE/DECS students

April 20

Bill Holben

Professor, Dept. Cellular and Molecular Microbial Biology, DBS, UM

Microbial roles and responses in ecological scenarios

Diana Six

April 27

Matt Church

Associate professor, Dept. Cellular and Molecular Microbial Biology, DBS, FLBS, UM

The ecology and biogeochemistry of marine nitrogen-fixing microorganisms

Diana Six

* Sponsored by the Institute on Ecosystems/NSF EPSCoR

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