Christopher Keyes

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Christopher Keyes

Associate Director, Montana Forest & Conservation Experiment Station

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Personal Summary

The MFCES is the research arm of the W.A. Franke College of Forestry & Conservation. As MFCES Associate Director, I develop and administer annual budgets, supervise staff, conduct strategic long-range planning, and provide administrative oversight of the MFCES Field Stations: 28,000-acre Lubrecht Experimental Forest and 3,600-acre Bandy Experimental Ranch. I also hold the rank of Research Professor in the Department of Forest Management. Previously I was Research Associate Professor of Silviculture (2007-2014) and Director of the Applied Management Program (2007-17) at UM, and Assistant Professor of Silviculture at Humboldt State University (2001-2007).


Ph.D. 2002, Oregon State University - Silviculture, Regeneration, Forest Health Protection

M.S. 1996, University of Montana - Silviculture, Forest Stand Dynamics

B.A. 1990, Holy Cross College - International Development

Research Interests

My research focuses on the development and evaluation of silvicultural practices for the stewardship, restoration, and renewal of Rocky Mountain forests. Common research themes include fuels treatments and dynamics, forest regeneration and productivity, and novel strategies for creating and sustaining complex stand structures.


I have been a member of the Society of American Foresters (SAF) since 1992 and hold the SAF Certified Forester (CF) credential. I am a member of the Society for Range Management and the Society for Ecological Restoration.


I am an avid motorcyclist (BMW R1200GS Adventure) and am the President of the Montana BMW Riders.

Selected Publications

* Refereed

Crotteau, J.S., S.M. Hood, D.C. Lutes, C.R. Keyes, A. Sala, and M.G. Harrington. 2018. Management and succession at the Lick Creek Demonstration/Research Forest, Montana. Journal of Forestry 116(5):481-486. DOI:10.1093/jofore/fvy030.*

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Teraoka, J.R., P.J. van Mantgem, and C.R. Keyes. 2017. Low thinning and crown thinning of two intensities as restoration tools at Redwood National Park. P. 259-266 In: R. Standiford and Y. Valachovic, tech. coords., Proceedings of the Coast Redwood Forest Symposium – 2016, Eureka, CA, 13-15 Sep 2016. USDA Forest Service General Technical Report PSW-GTR-258.*

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