Laurie Yung

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Laurie Yung

Professor of Natural Resource Social Science; Chair, Department of Society & Conservation

Personal Summary

My teaching and research focus on the social aspects of conservation and natural resource management, with an emphasis on agricultural communities and public lands in the Northern Rockies. I’m interested in the ways in which private landowners, rural communities, and land management institutions navigate change. I examine the intersections between ecological change, scientific information, natural resource management, rural livelihoods, and governance innovations. My current work focuses on wildland fire governance, climate adaptation and agriculture, using scenarios in climate decision-making, and the food-energy-water nexus. 

My current research projects include:

  • Improving the Efficacy of Climate and Water Information for Montana Agricultural Producers (funded by USDA NIFA Water for Agriculture program)    
  • The Co-Management of Cross-Boundary Fire Risk Transmission (funded by the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station)
  • Scenario Planning as a Tool for Climate Adaptation Planning and Governance (funded by the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station)
  • Natural Resource Management Decision-Making under Climate Uncertainty: Building Social-Ecological Resilience in Southwestern Colorado (funded by the North Central Climate Science Center)
  • Futures Thinking, Uncertainty, and Governance at the Food-Energy-Water Nexus (funded by the Luc Hoffmann Institute)

I currently direct the Resource Conservation and Environmental Science and Sustainability majors, and the NSF-funded UM BRIDGES graduate training program. 


2003: Ph.D. Forestry, University of Montana

1993: M.S. Environmental Studies, University of Oregon

1991: B.A. Psychology and Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

Courses Taught

NRSM 326 Climate and Society

NRSM 370S Wildland Conservation Policy and Governance

NRSM 500 Conservation Social Science Methods

NRSM 540 Food-Energy-Water Nexus

NRSM 570 Political Ecology

Research Interests

The Use of Climate Information in Adaptation Decisions

Drought Adaptation on Working Ranchlands

Social and Political Aspects of Climate Adaptation

The Food-Energy-Water Nexus

Wildland Fire Governance

Decision-Making Under Uncertainty and the Efficacy of Futuring Tools

Co-Production and Translational Skills

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research

Selected Publications

Clifford, K., Yung, L., Rondeau, R., Neely, B., Rangwala, I., Burkhart, N. and C. Wyborn. 2020. Navigating Climate Adaptation on Public Lands: How Views on Ecosystem Change and Scale Interact with Management Approaches. Environmental Management 6:614–628.

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