Anna Moeller

Photo of Moeller, Anna

Anna Moeller

PhD candidate, Fish & Wildlife Biology



B.S. Biology from University of Puget Sound, 2012

M.S. Wildlife Biology from University of Montana, 2017

Selected Publications

Moeller, A. K., P. M. Lukacs, and J. S. Horne. 2018. Three novel methods to estimate abundance of unmarked animals using remote cameras. Ecosphere 9(8):e02331. 10.1002/ecs2.2331

Tabak, M., M. Norouzzadeh, D. Woflson, S. Sweeney, K. Vercauteren, N. Snow, J. Halseth, P. Di Salvo, J. Lewis, M. White, B. Teton, J. Beasley, P. Schlichting, R. Boughton, B. Wight, E. Newkirk, J. Ivan, E. Odell, R. Brook, P. M. Lukacs, A. K. Moeller, E. Mandevile, J. Clune, and R. Miller. 2018. Machine learning to classify animal species in camera trap images: Applications in ecology [cover]. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10:585-590. 10.1111/2041-210X.13120