Collin Peterson

Photo of Peterson, Collin

Collin Peterson

M.S. student, Wildlife Biology

Personal Summary

I'm a naturalist and scientist and love getting dirty in the outdoors to see what I can figure out about nature! I've worked with taxa across many trophic levels, having studied insects and forestry in Oregon; waterfowl, sage grouse and mule deer in Colorado; and wolves in Idaho and Yellowstone. Throughout all of these experiences, the importance of understanding how animals use habitat and interact with vegetation communities has been critical. Thus, nowadays I spend my time studying plant communities and mule deer, specifically focusing on the role that forage quality and predation risk play in mule deer resource selection in Northwest Montana.I am interested in how large herbivores make tradeoffs between food and security, how these tradeoffs vary at different spatial scales, and how resource selection can help us understand the factors that limit animal populations and what we can do to help conserve wildlife. In my free time, I enjoy romping around in the mountains. 


B.S. in Zoology, Oregon State University, 2014.

Research Interests

I'm intrigued by how large-scale ecological and evolutionary processes can inform wildlife management. My research is focused on ungulate resource selection, habitat quality, and migration patterns and behavior.