Jessica Krohner

Photo of Krohner, Jessica

Jessica Krohner

M.S. Student, Wildlife Biology

Personal Summary

Hailing from Massachusetts, Jessica Krohner has crisscrossed the globe for fieldwork, from the ocean waters off British Columbia to the crop fields of Uganda. Jessica earned a B.S. in wildlife biology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She has worked with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for the last three years on a non-invasive wolf and cougar population monitoring study across the state. As a master’s student, she is working with IDFG and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to determine fisher occupancy across their Northern Rocky Mountain range, with a focus on determining the extent of fisher habitat use in drier forest types at the edge of their known range (i.e. lots of camera traps!). In her downtime, she likes to hike, garden, read and, most importantly, revel in good food.


B.S. Wildlife Biology from McGill University (Montreal, Qc), 2011