Daniel Morina

Photo of Morina, Daniel

Daniel Morina

PhD student, Fish & Wildlife Biology


Bachelor of Science in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology from North Carolina State University

Master of Science in Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture from Mississippi State University

Selected Publications

Morina, D. L., S. Demarais, G. D. Chesser, J. W. Lowe, and B. K. Strickland. 2018. Antler manipulation procedures for use in social and behavioral studies of deer. Wildlife Biology doi: 10.2981/wlb.00452.

Morina, D. L., S. Demarais, B. K. Strickland, and J. E. Larson. 2018. While males fight, females choose: Male phenotypic quality informs female mate choice in mammals. Animal Behaviour 138:69-74.

Morina, D. L., M. A. Lashley, M. C. Chitwood, C. E. Moorman, and C. S. DePerno. 2017. Should we use the float test to quantify acorn viability? Wildlife Society Bulletin 41(4):776-779.

Lashley, M. A., M. C. Chitwood, M. T. Biggerstaff, D. L. Morina, C. E. Moorman, and C. S. DePerno. 2014. White-tailed deer vigilance: the influence of social and environmental factors. PLoS ONE 9(3):e90652