Svetlana Yegorova

Photo of Yegorova, Svetlana

Svetlana Yegorova

PhD student, Systems Ecology

Personal Summary

I am a PhD student studying climate analogs and climate impacts forecasting with climate analogs. I am also looking into how the technicalities of identifying climate analogs influence what kind of forecast we come up with. I returned for more graduate education after working as a vegetation manager for California State Parks in the Sierra Nevada mountains for seven years. I am intersted in bridging science and application to solve practical management issues, and framing management questions in the context of ecological theory to come up with better solutions! Working for California State Parks has pushed me to recognize that what I though were ecological systems, really are socio-ecological systems. I have an interest in the social science side of natural resources issues.  Finally, working with large climate datasets has pushed me to upgrade my data science and computation skills, I am enjoying this journey as well.


M. S. Forest Ecology. Oregon State University, Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society. 2012