Jennifer Wall

Photo of Wall, Jennifer

Jennifer Wall

PhD student, Fish & Wildlife Biology

Personal Summary

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Jennifer graduated from the University of Maryland in 2017 with two bachelor's degrees in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Science. She worked with USGS at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center researching waterbirds in the Chesapeake Bay and led a Northern Saw-whet owl banding station at Petit Manán Point in Maine. Jennifer is currently researching the impacts of climate change on alpine vertebrates (Collared pika, Hoary marmots, Arctic ground squirrels, ptarmigan spp., and Dall sheep) in Denali National Park, Alaska.

Selected Publications

Riggs, G.J., J.D. Sullivan, K.M. Harvey, D.A. Pappas, J.L. Wall, P.C. McGowan, D.J. Prosser. 2019. Eviction Notice: Observation of a Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) Usurping an Active Least Tern (Sterna antillarum) Nest. Northeastern Naturalist: 26(3): 609-615.

McGowan, P.C., J.D. Sullivan, C.R. Callahan, W. Schultz, J.L. Wall, D.J. Prosser. 2019. Promoting Change in Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) Nest Site Selection to Minimize Construction Related Disturbance. Ecological Restoration: 37(3): 143-147.

Wall, J.L., P.R. Marbán, D.F. Brinker, J.D. Sullivan, M. Zimnik, J.L. Murrow, P.C. McGowan, C.R. Callahan, D.J. Prosser. 2018. A Video Surveillance System to Monitor Breeding Colonies of Common Terns (Sterna Hirundo). J. Vis Exp. (137), e57928, doi:10.3791/57928

McGowan, P.C., K.M. Reintsma, J.D. Sullivan, K.P. DeVoss, J.L. Wall, M.D. Zimnik, D.J. Prosser. 2018. Use of bank swallow (Riparia riparia) burrows as microclimates by common terns (Sterna hirundo) in high temperature environments. Waterbirds: 41(2), 179-182. doi:10.1675/063.041.0210