Winsor Lowe

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Winsor Lowe


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Postdoctoral Associate, Institute of Ecosystem Studies, February 2003 - April 2005.
Ph.D., Dartmouth College, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, December 2002.
M.S., University of Montana, Organismal Biology and Ecology, 1997.
B.A., Middlebury College, Biology and Environmental Studies, cum laude, 1994.

Courses Taught

Freshwater Ecology (Biol 366)

Community Ecology (Biol 513)

Research Interests

I'm interested in how processes acting at large spatial scales influence evolution, population biology, and community ecology. I am especially excited about using direct data on animal movement to explore the causes and consequences of dispersal. I hope this work will expand basic understanding of the ecological and evolutionary drivers of dispersal, and improve landscape-scale management and conservation efforts.

Field of Study

Ecology and Population Biology

Selected Publications

Lowe, W.H., M.A. McPeek, G.E. Likens, and B.J. Cosentino. 2008. Linking movement behavior to dispersal and divergence in plethodontid salamanders. Molecular Ecology 17: 4459-4469.

Greene, B.T., W.H. Lowe, and G. E. Likens. 2008. Forest succession and prey availability influence the strength and scale of terrestrial-aquatic linkages in a headwater salamander system. Freshwater Biology 53: 2234-2243.

Grant, E.H.C., W.H. Lowe, and W.F. Fagan. 2007. Living in the branches: population dynamics and ecological processes in dendritic networks. Ecology Letters 10:165-175.

Lowe, W.H., G.E. Likens, and B.J. Cosentino. 2006. Self-organization in streams: the relationship between movement behaviour and body condition in a headwater salamander. Freshwater Biology 51(11):2052-2062.

Lowe, W.H., G.E. Likens, and M.E. Power. 2006. Linking scales in stream ecology. BioScience 56(7):591-597.

Lowe, W.H., G.E. Likens, M.A. McPeek, and D.C. Buso. 2006. Linking direct and indirect data on dispersal: isolation by slope in a headwater stream salamander. Ecology 87(2):334-339.