Selected publications

Sampling scales define occupancy and underlying occupancy-abundance relationships in animals - Ecology - Mark Hebblewhite, Paul Lukacs

Public Engagement in Social-Ecological Systems Management: An Application of Social Justice Theory - Society & Natural Resources - Alex Metcalf, Libby Metcalf

Public wildlife management on private lands: Reciprocity, population status, and stakeholders' normative beliefs - Human Dimensions of Wildlife - Alex Metcalf, Libby Metcalf

Generalized spatial mark-resight models with an application to grizzly bears - Journal of Applied Ecology - Mark Hebblewhite

Historical biogeography sets the foundation for contemporary conservation of martens (genus Martes) in northwestern North America - Journal of Mammology - Natalie Dawson

Competition alters tree growth responses to climate at individual and stand scales - Canadian Journal of Forest Research - Andrew Larson

Accelerating net terrestrial carbon uptake during the warming hiatus due to reduced respiration - Nature Climate Change - Ashley BallantyneSteve Running

Plant-soil feedbacks and mycorrhizal type influence temperate forest population dynamics - Science - Ylva Lekberg

Woody Invasion of Western Rangelands - special edition of Rangeland Ecology & Management featuring articles by Dave Naugle, Alex Metcalf, Brady Allred, and Vicky Dreitz

Climate change velocity underestimates climate change exposure in mountainous regions - Nature Communications - Solomon Dobrowski

Post-fire morel (Morchella) mushroom abundance, spatial structure, and harvest sustainability - Forest Ecology and Management - Andrew Larson