Population and Disease Ecology Lab - Dr. Angie Luis

Our research lies at the intersection of population, community, and disease ecology. A particular focus is the importance of host and community ecology in determining disease dynamics in wildlife. We explore questions, such as how interactions between hosts and their competitors affect disease transmission, the importance of environmental drivers (climate, seasonality, habitat type, etc), and characteristics associated with 'good hosts' of zoonotic disease. We are also interested in broader questions of population ecology, such as how populations are regulated, the importance of bottom-up (primary productivity) versus top-down (predator) influences, and nonlinearities and predictability in population dynamics. We employ a variety of methods including field and lab studies, theoretical models, and quantitative analyses of existing datasets. See our Research page for more details.

Watch an interview with Dr. Luis on The SciShow, where she discusses how biodiversity can affect diseases in wildlife and spillover into humans: