INCyTE brings together two communities that historically have not interacted closely: biogeochemical experimentalists and earth system modelers. The overarching goals of INCyTE are to enhance our understanding of nutrient cycling feedbacks on the global carbon (C) cycle in general, and to integrate different investigators, data, and experimental and conceptual frameworks to improve representation of nutrient interactions and constraints on the global terrestrial C cycle in Earth System Models.


Recent News

Welcome to INCyTE, an NSF Research Coordination Network (RCN) devoted to addressing how nutrients regulate the global carbon cycle. On behalf of the INCyTE steering committee, we hope you will consider participating in this exciting new project! Please spread the word and check back soon for more info!

This session at AGU looks great: B43A: Nutrient–Carbon Cycle Interactions in Terrestrial Ecosystems I. We hope to see many of you on Thursday afternoon for this seesion (Convention Ctr 150B).